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Linda Urban

Linda Urban photo

Linda Urban

Class of 2013

Principal Consultant
Linda Urban Communications


Urban receiving award

★ Outstanding Graduate 2013 ★

It seems fitting that I graduated in the first semester that the program has its new name, “Organizational Performance and Workplace Learning.” I would not have known that the “organizational performance” angle was what I wanted when I started, but it has turned out to be just what I needed, in so many ways.

I started the Boise State program (previously called “Instructional and Performance Technology”) with an eye toward deepening my instructional design expertise, and to gain experience in an online program, in part to inform my ability to teach online. I found as I moved through the courses that my interests expanded and shifted, and I wound up taking different electives than I initially expected to. I leave the program not only with enhanced skills in instructional design and the experience of how a rich online program can be conducted, but with knowledge and skills to expand my work in directions I had not imagined–into change management, workplace research, program evaluation, and sustainability.

Thanks to my experiences in the Boise State OPWL program, I am equipped to help clients ask and answer questions like these: What does it take to help individuals, teams, and organizations work more effectively? What does “work more effectively” mean, for a given situation? What kinds of changes and interventions are needed? What supports are needed to help organizations–and people–implement changes and transition to different ways of working?

I am grateful to the professors who have made such a rich curriculum available, who ask hard questions and push us to think deeply and broadly about our work in each class, and who insist we apply it on real-world projects. They truly opened doors for me that I didn’t know existed. And I am grateful to the wonderful program staff, and the classmates I’ve worked with on projects and in classes. You’ve all made it such a worthy experience!