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The Key to Performance: Understanding Value Creation

Whether your focus is people, processes, technology or organizations, the starting point and ultimate litmus test of our ability to improve performance lies in the understanding of value creation. Rick Rummler will share an approach and a set of models that have proven effective in understanding and improving the value created by organizations and businesses of all types and sizes.

Regardless of the scope or constraints of a performance improvement initiative, It’s critical to make the connection to organization and business value. Doing so allows for better prioritization of efforts and investments, fosters alignment of stakeholders, and reduces the likelihood of unintended consequences.

The approach and models are based on the teaching and work of Dr. Geary Rummler. Rick will share his experience applying them in a wide variety of organizations and businesses including his current focus – a healthcare startup.

icon-PDF Rick Rummler’s Key to Performance Webinar Slides

Rick Rummler

Richard A. “Rick” Rummler is Vice President of Process and Performance Management at Muve Health, an innovative healthcare startup focused on reinventing the delivery of healthcare. Prior to joining Muve, Rick was an industrial process engineer and organization performance architect with 25 years of experience consulting, coaching and training with business leaders, domain experts and cross-functional process improvement teams. He has worked with organizations in Asia, Europe and North and South America in support of a wide variety of performance improvement and management initiatives. He is a co-author of the book White Space Revisited: Creating Value through Process.

Rick’s consulting experience includes a wide range of interventions including: Process improvement and reengineering, organization redesign, and measurement and management system design.

An experienced presenter of performance improvement and concepts and tools espoused by his father Dr. Geary A. Rummler and associated thought leaders, he has delivered training programs to manufacturing and service organizations as well as government agencies and the military. Organizations that have benefitted from his knowledge and skills include: CIGNA, Citibank, DuPont and Hewlett Packard. Rick was a keynote presenter at Gartner’s 2011 Business Process Management Summit in London and presenter at the 2011 Building Business Capability conference in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.