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Elliot Rosenberg – Moving from an “order-taker for training” to a “performance improvement practitioner”

Elliot Rosenberg

Elliot Rosenberg

Elliot Rosenberg is the Director of Sales Training for AT&T. In this role, he is responsible for the design of all sales-related training for AT&T’s retail sales force and leaders across the country. Elliot leads a team of six managers and 25 instructional designers and has been with AT&T for 26 years.

Elliot has a BA from SUNY Buffalo, a MBA from the University of Miami and a MS in Instructional and Performance Technology from Boise State University. He is currently pursuing a doctorate degree.

Elliot is based in Atlanta, Georgia. You can learn more about him via his personal website ( or via his blog ( You can also follow him on Twitter (@elliotrosenberg) or via Facebook (