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Shop Talk with Lamos, Muller, Parish – Forecasting weather + elearning = COMET

Joseph Lamos

Dr. Joseph Lamos

Dr. Lamos has been involved in instructional design and development for 40 years. He has been working with computer-based learning since 1972. Dr. Lamos is responsible for the production and service operations of the Cooperative Program for Operational Meteorology Education and Training (COMET). This group has been producing multimedia, computer-based learning for the National Weather Service, the Air Force Weather Agency and the Navy Meteorology and Oceanography Command since 1991. To date the COMET Program has developed over 600 hours of distance learning most of which is available from the COMET Program’s MetEd ( Website.

Prior to joining the COMET Program, Dr. Lamos has worked in military research and development, university R&D, aerospace, and consulting environments. He was a subsystem manager for the Air Force development of its Advanced Instructional System, Senior Instructional Designer with McDonnell-Douglas for the development of the Navy’s T-45 Undergraduate Jet Pilot Training program, Systems Analyst with the Denver Research Institute, were he helped develop a Training and Performance Support System for the Air Force Electronics Systems Division, and was a project manager and consultant with the DLS Group. Dr. Lamos conceived the Professional Development Series (PDS) concept and process for the National Weather Service’s National Strategic Training and Education Plan (NSTEP). The PDS is an approach for defining job performance requirements and training needs.

Pat Parrish

Dr. Pat Parrish

Dr. Parrish is Senior Project Manager, International Projects and Instructional Designer with the COMET Program, within the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research in Boulder, Colorado. Pat holds an MA in Instructional Technology and PhD in Educational Innovation. His primary interests include instructional design, design thinking, aesthetics, and how these overlap.