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Shop Talk: An OPWL Webinar with Anne Apking & Kathy Glynn

Join us for an interesting take on a client/consultant relationship—from an internal client and her external consultant. During their time with us, Anne Apking and Kathy Glynn will:

  • Compare and contrast learning and performance improvement professional’s POV from inside and outside the organization.
  • Describe how they work together (roles, responsibilities, expectations).
  • Review a project they’ve completed (need, our approach, our solution, execution, results).
  • Share secrets of their success.
  • Answer your questions.

Anne Apking photo

As an independent consultant, Anne Apking, CPT, has invested 30 years working with clients in the creation and implementation of learning and performance improvement interventions. Many of these projects have been in partnership with Steelcase Inc.

Anne and Rob Brinkerhoff published High Impact Learning in 2001, and received ISPI’s prestigious Outstanding Instructional Communication award for this publication in 2004. Anne regularly presents at ISPI conferences and chapter meetings, and has received numerous local and international ISPI awards including a Presidential Citation at the 2014 ISPI Conference. This award was given in recognition of a year-long effort to redesign the conference experience for attendees, working collaboratively with ISPI’s President and Executive Director.

Kathy Glynn photo

Kathy Glynn is a senior performance consultant for Steelcase Inc. in their global learning and development group. As a performance consultant, she assesses the performance required to achieve user-centered learning experiences that solve for the business needs.

Steelcase Inc. is the global leader in the office furniture industry. The company and its subsidiaries have dealers in more than 600 locations and approximately 10,000 employees around the world. Fiscal 2013 revenue was approximately $2.9 billion.