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Join OPWL-Network (OPWL-N) Group on LinkedIn

The OPWL-N is an official LinkedIn group for the OPWL department, created to promote professional and intellectual networking among OPWL students, alumni, faculty, staff, and other OPWL professionals.

To join the OPWL-N group on LinkedIn:

  1. Join and sign into LinkedIn –
  2. Search for OPWL-N in the LinkedIn Groups directory
  3. Join the OPWL-N group

OPWL-N Membership Rules:

OPWL-N members are expected to follow a set of the OPWL-N membership rules. The OPWL department has a right to update the rules whenever needed. The current OPWL-N membership rules are:

  • Your profile should contain information that is professional and accurate.
  • Your professional background should be aligned with the purpose of the OPWL-N.
  • Your discussion messages should be aligned with the purpose of the OPWL-N and add value to the OPWL-N.
  • Your job announcement information should be aligned with the purpose of the OPWL-N.
  • Although the OPWL-N cannot ban you from using the LinkedIn’s ‘recommendation’ feature, OPWL faculty and staff members will not accept any endorsement requests from the OPWL-N members.
  • You should not post marketing content or SPAM messages.
  • You should not abuse other OPWL-N members’ information.
  • You should report to the OPWL-N manager any inappropriate information or online behaviors that you observe in the OPWL-N.
  • If you are not sure as to whether or not it is appropriate to post a particular message, you should ask the OPWL-N manager.
  • If you violate the OPWL-N rule(s), you will be subject to removal from the OPWL-N. If you violate the rule(s) the first time, you will receive a warning. If you violate the rule(s) the second time, your OPWL-N membership will be removed without further explanation.