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Workplace Performance Improvement

Starts with the end in mind and focuses on results. It provides a systematic, evidence based and results oriented process to resolving an organization’s systemic issues.

Instructional Designers that can view their organization’s issues through a performance improvement lens will have the tools and process for proposing and developing a solution that will resolve the organization’s problem.

The Graduate Certificate in Workplace Performance Improvement provides:

  • an overview of the field and the models performance improvement practitioners will be expected to know (OPWL 536)
  • the theory, models and process for conducting a needs assessment or a program evaluation and guided practice with completing one. (OPWL 529 or OPWL 530)
  • an overview of the performance improvement interventions to consider when training is not the answer (OPWL 560)
  • the theory, models and process for a change management project and guided practice with implementing the change (OPWL 577)
  • the theory, models and process for designing sustainable organizations while also considering profit, people, and the planet (OPWL 578)

Performance Improvement Resources

A HPT Spiral Framework

An article published in ISPI’s Performance Improvement. Written by OPWL faculty and students.

Wisdom in the Workplace Webinar

A webinar with Dr. Anthony Marker.
We live in a society that puts a premium on intellect. Yet, many of the world’s complex and stubborn problems defy intellectually based solutions. Perhaps what we need is not greater intellect but instead greater wisdom and the capacity to act on that wisdom.

Improving Workplace Performance Webinar Dr. Chevalier’s presentation focuses on “Using all the Tools,” which is the title of the last chapter of his ISPI Award of Excellence book, A Manager’s Guide to Workplace Performance

Workplace Performance Improvement with OPWL

Admission into the Workplace Performance Improvement graduate certificate provides the individual with focused study in performance improvement and is intended to culminate with entry into the profession via internship or full-time employment. For individual already working in the profession, completion of the M.S. in Organizational Performance and Workplace Learning (OPWL) provides upward mobility and the potential of increased income. If you are already working in the field, then consider our MS in OPWL!

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