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E-learning Concentration

The Study of E-Learning Design

E-learning allows organizations to deliver consistent training to employees on demand, anytime, anywhere.

E-learning has the potential of not just cutting costs (reduced travel, efficiency with updating training, etc.) it also holds the promise of delivering training in a systematic manner that can improve the performance of employees throughout the organization.

Who Should Take E-Learning Design Courses?

  • Instructional designers seeking to expand their skills and provide added value in their organizational role
  • Individuals wanting to break into the field, but who haven’t formalized their knowledge of the tools or developed portfolio samples
  • Graphic designers that already practice many of the visual design principles and are ready to apply them to digital interactive experiences

E-Learning Design Courses with OPWL

The Graduate Certificate in Workplace E-Learning and Performance Support (WELPS) provides:

  • an overview of the field and the models e-learning designers/developers will be expected to know (OPWL 536)
  • introduction to the theories and practice of e-learning content design (OPWL 551)
  • guided practice with an authoring language, integrated with rapid e-learning development strategies, culminating in an e-learning design portfolio sample (OPWL 523)
  • experience embedding e-learning into an LMS with additional exposure to storyboarding, compliance, and e-learning development (OPWL 525)
  • using “blended learning strategies” (e.g. face-to-face, online classroom, e-learning, etc.) to accomplish improved skill/knowledge transfer outcomes (OPWL 550)

Workplace E-Learning Resources

Portfolio Sample 1

P.F. Chang e-learning portfolio sample

Portfolio Sample 2

Resolving UPS System Issues portfolio sample

Workplace E-Learning and Performance Support with OPWL

Admission into the Workplace E-Learning and Performance Support (WELPS) graduate certificate provides the individual with focused study in workplace e-learning and is intended to culminate with entry into the profession via internship or full-time employment. For individual already working in the profession, completion of the M.S. in Organizational Performance and Workplace Learning (OPWL) provides upward mobility and the potential of increased income. If you are already working in the field, then consider our MS in OPWL!

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If you are interested in learning more about the field of e-learning design and career opportunities, contact advisor Jo Ann Fenner.

Jo Ann Fenner
Academic Advisor
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