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Dr. David Cox

Photo David Cox

David Cox, Ph.D.
Emeritus Graduate Faculty

Organizational Performance and Workplace Learning
College of Engineering
Boise State University
1910 University Dr.
Boise, ID 83725-2070

Office: (208) 426-1312

Educational Background:

Dr. David L. Cox holds a Ph.D. in Educational Psychology and a Master’s Degree in Research Design & Development. He has taught for more than 28 years at the graduate level and has extensive experience in the areas of distance education, corporate training, market research, and product evaluation.

Scholarly, Creative or Research Activities:

Dr. Cox’s research interests include:

  • learning and teaching styles and their relation to learner/teacher performance on campus and in various distance education media. He has developed an online Learning Styles Assessment which may be taken by clicking on the link. The scoring is automated and you will receive an electronic feedback page which summarizes your style types on this instrument after you submit the data.
  • the measurement of emotional intelligence and its relation to academic and job performance.


Dr. Cox has taught:

  • IPT 531 Overview of Research Design, Measurement, and Statistics
  • IPT 535 Learning Theory for Instructional Designers
  • IPT 536 Introduction to Instructional & Performance Technology
  • IPT 537 Instructional Design
  • IPT 540 Learning Styles in IPT
  • IPT 530 Evaluation Methodology
  • IPT 550 Delivery Technology for Instruction