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Looking for that next promotion or job and want to give yourself a competitive edge?

Pinpoint your skill gap with an Organizational Performance and Workplace Learning (OPWL) academic advisor and together identify the best courses, course sequence and workplace practicums to meet your professional development goals. Explore which graduate program below best matches your professional development needs and call an OPWL academic advisor today! 208-426-2489

Now Accepting Applications for Spring 2019!

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Earn the OPWL Master’s Degree to:

  • Diagnose workplace performance problems, propose solutions, and be able to substantiate your recommendations with data and evidence based practice.
  • Be a member of a virtual team that completes real instructional design, needs assessment, and evaluation projects for actual clients.
  • Design workplace instruction that drives performance to meet organizational goals
  • Expand your skills in workplace collaborations, virtual teaming, and performance improvement consulting

Upgrade your skills with a Graduate Certificate in these areas:

Course Fees

Cost per Credit
$500 per credit hour

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Is this program right for you? Jo Ann Fenner, our academic advisor, loves to talk to prospective students. Contact her if you have questions about:

Jo Ann Fenner
Academic Advisor
(208) 426-2489

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