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Pat Brown

Pat Brown photo

Pat Brown, M.S., CPT

Division President
Axiom Resource Management, Inc.

Class of 1998

I was doing well in the training business. I had started a couple of companies, and was getting a good reputation for the work I was doing. But I sensed I was missing something, unable to contribute to the field with more than your standard good piece of work and normal accolades. I don’t know exactly what drew me to the IPT program at Boise State, maybe it was a yearning for recognition, and maybe it was a desire to validate what I thought I knew, but the impact it had on me was profound. The time I spent over the course of this program experiencing this prolific exchange of ideas, both with students and faculty, gave me this increasingly intuitive perception that I was being introduced to a whole new world of understanding. Before, I knew the “what” and the road wise “how”; now I know the “why” and a more proven “how.” The process was an adventure in learning. I can now make a difference and I can say so confidently and convincingly to my peers and clients.