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Mike Booth

Mike Booth photo

Mike Booth, M.S.

Manager of Learning Systems
Molson Coors

Class of 2004

Since my graduation, I have moved from a learning developer to the Manager of Learning Systems for Molson Coors (World Class Manufacturing). The primary reasons is due to the well-rounded education from the IPT program. I embraced the HPT model and use it to develop the vision of our learning and development. I have educated our organization on the benefits of moving from training to performance-based intervention. This has given me the opportunity to apply my skills at a higher level (I now work equally with our manufacturing in the US, UK, and Canada-a big area of scope). My long-term goal is to have a World Class training infrastructure in each of our breweries (12+ breweries globally). I am the only person at Molson Coors with the knowledge from the IPT program, which has its advantages and disadvantages. But for now, its made me very valued and successful in the organization.