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Matthew Romano

Matthew Romano photo

Matthew Romano

– Instructional Systems Support Division Chief
– Leadership Development Center
United States Coast Guard


★ Outstanding Graduate 2016 ★

2016 ISPI Award of Excellence – Outstanding Human Performance Intervention – 154′ Fast Response Cutter Electronic Performance Support System

PerformanceXpress Article:

Tales from the Field:
Case Study Evaluation of the U.S. Coast Guard’s Electronic Performance Support System for the Fast Response Cutter


Instructional Design Project:
Cutter Line Handling (PDF)

Class of 2016

After being accepted into the Coast Guard’s human performance technology program, I began researching various graduate programs, but was drawn to Boise State because of its outstanding reputation, positive student testimonials and online accessibility. My decision to attend was instantly validated after interacting with Boise State’s faculty and staff; they were professional, engaging, accommodating, and inspiring. Additionally, working with the program’s diverse student base provided me with a unique, real-world perspective and supplied me with a strong community of practice.

Completing Boise State’s OPWL program was a tremendously rewarding experience for me. I entered the program after seven years of active duty service in the United States Coast Guard and needed a program that would aid me in transitioning my professional career from afloat and ashore operations to human performance technology and instructional systems. The program allowed me to personally experience the real-world application of taking a systematic and systemic approach in solving organizational problems stemming from environmental and human factors; this methodology has not only assisted me in my current position as the Instructional Systems Support Chief at the Coast Guard’s Leadership Development Center, but will serve as a foundation throughout the rest of my military career and beyond. I strongly recommend this program to any motivated professional looking for a challenging, yet rewarding online graduate program who enjoys analyzing and solving complex, real-world organizational problems and working with others.