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Lauren Weisberg

Class of 2016

When I entered this program in the fall of 2012, I was not working in the HPT field. Rather, I was a public high school teacher who wanted to earn continuing ed. credits and acquire some skills in eLearning design and development. A colleague recommended BSU’s WELPS certification program on behalf of her husband, a training specialist for Dell Inc., who had recently completed the program and spoke very highly of it.

When I searched for information about the WELPS program online, I noticed the Master’s degree option in Organizational Performance and Workplace Learning. While as a teacher I already had a background in instructional design, I was curious how I could build upon that knowledge and potentially apply it to a future career in designing instruction and training for adults. I was also intrigued to learn more about “human performance technology,” which was a foreign concept to me at that time. I figured it was worth the investment to gain some additional knowledge beyond the WELPS certification, so I also applied for both the M.S. program and the WELPS certificate, since my school district agreed to cover a portion of my tuition costs.

At first, I was worried that I’d be in over my head because I had no prior experience working in the HPT field. But one of the many strengths of this program is the teamwork aspect, where I got to solve real life organizational performance problems working alongside individuals with years of experience as practitioners in the field. My insecurities faded quickly, and I became immersed in my coursework and an enthusiastic contributor to my team projects. 40 credits later, I’ve developed an incredible arsenal of knowledge not only from my professors, but from my peers, with whom I am still in contact. I am looking forward to applying my new knowledge within my current organization (possibly in an instructional coaching role for my school district), and to one day transition careers into a training and development specialist role.

I strongly recommend this program to anyone who enjoys finding creative solutions for problems, likes working with others, and wants a challenge, regardless of your current field of expertise!