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Joe Wessel

Joe Wessel photo

Joe Wessel, M.S.

Training & Development Coordinator
Pepin Distributing Company

Class of 2013

Prior to assuming a newly-formed position within my company, my career involved promotions, sales, marketing, special event management, and personnel management. Realizing that I needed to expand my competencies, my 6 month search for the “right” education ended at BSU’s IPT program. The online experience provided the best of both worlds – flexible hours devoted to course work while maintaining peer team project interactions.

The program allowed me to understand that being an HPT practitioner is about helping people. The wide scope of my Training and Development role centers on the people of my organization. Their growth and success is my focus. I am now able to produce comprehensive, functional tools and instruction for all employees by applying the rigorous standards of the IPT program to performance improvement. The IPT program’s disciplined methodology has provided me the confidence in practice of pure science and the compassion of the humanities.

I highly recommend this program for anyone wishing to begin in the performance management field or an experienced practitioner looking to advance their skills. It has been invaluable to me for career advancement, now in my current role as well as opening opportunities in the future.