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Jody Zauha

Jody Zauha photo

Jody Zauha, M.S.

Performance Development Specialist
Department of Human Resources, State of Idaho

Class of 1999

As a Performance Development Specialist for the State of Idaho, the IPT program gave me credibility, practical processes, and the solid learning theory upon which to consult with management. Engineering solutions to performance based problems has been my mantra over the past six years. Using an IPT model, I have consulted with several state agencies regarding performance based issues. Helping them define gaps and generate solutions has been a very positive experience. In many cases my consultation resulted in a written plan of action or report which the agency could implement over an extended period of time.

On a national level, I am currently serving as the President of the National Association for Government Training & Development (NAGTAD). My background as a performance technologist, and my IPT education serve me will in the role and have added to my credibility with the Board and the NAGTAD membership.

My current job is changing under the new Governor and I am finding that my skills are highly valued by many agencies. I will have the fortune of choosing from several options…which is a good stress to have!