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Janel Peterson

Janel Peterson photo

Janel Peterson, M.S.

Program Manager

Class of 2013

As a project manager, I have exposure to many areas of our organization to ensure we deliver our products and services on time, on schedule and on budget. The IPT program at Boise State has helped make my project management skills even more robust and complete. I am now able to identify areas within the project and the organization that may require additional or more focused attention to help ensure we deliver our best work. I can use my IPT toolkit in every aspect of my job now from managing the core project teams to rolling out new solutions and products to our customers.

The IPT curriculum has also enabled me to write quality training programs for a local non-profit organization where I have the opportunity to identify performance gaps within the organization’s volunteer resources and address those gaps with a solution that meets the organization’s needs.

I am grateful to BSU’s IPT faculty and staff and my fellow students who shared all of their experiences and made this an outstanding master’s program, and a top-notch learning environment.