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Jade Kazmierski

Jade Kazmierski photo

Jade Kazmierski, M.S.

Northwestern Mutual
Training Development Consultant

Class of 2011

I chose Boise’s online IPT program for two reasons:
its curriculum and its proven results.

First, the curriculum is strongly geared toward the corporate workplace, with skills centered on solving real on-the-job problems. Everything I learned was immediately applicable. Secondly, I saw firsthand the depth of knowledge and quality of skills the degree provided. My manager was a recent Boise State graduate and she transformed our tools, processes, and results using what she learned in the IPT program.

The IPT program definitely met my expectations. Each class was interesting and worthwhile, with opportunities to practice what I was learning. I gained invaluable experience through group projects for real clients. Not only did the projects mirror expectations that I face on the job, but they also helped me form lasting relationships with my classmates.

I didn’t have an instructional design role when I began my degree. By the time I graduated, I did—designing e-learning courses, creating performance support aids, writing classroom materials, and supporting online communities. I love the work I do now. The IPT program gave me the skills to do my job well and prepared me to continue growing in the field.