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Heather Lutz

Heather Lutz photo

Heather Lutz

Class of 2014

Training Program Manager
Financial Services


Lutz receiving award

★ Outstanding Graduate 2014 ★

AECT Conference Proceedings 2014

Creating participatory online learning environments: A social learning approach revisited.
Published with Dr. Quincy Conley, Assistant Professor, OPWL

After spending many years teaching project management and process management concepts as a side-of-desk activity, I decided to learn more about adult learning, in particular, employee training and performance improvement. When I began the OPWL program in 2009, I had no idea how much I would learn, or how much I would immerse myself in the field of performance improvement!

The OPWL program expanded my perspective on training, employee engagement, managing organizational change, and creating effective, engaging instruction- whether that’s in a traditional classroom, or online. Every OPWL course I took challenged me to think about organizational problems and learning needs in new ways. OPWL expanded my understanding of adult learning theory, instructional strategies, and the intersection between training and performance improvement. As a result of obtaining the WELPS Master’s Certificate and the M.S. in OPWL, I officially joined the field as a learning professional in the spring of 2014. As a training program manager for a leading Bank, I’ve had the opportunity to lead numerous instructional design projects, conduct training program evaluations, conduct organizational needs analysis, and partner with internal clients to develop solutions that help them achieve their organizational development goals. Thanks to the rigorous OPWL program, I am well prepared for my new role, and I also have the skills to be an on-going contributor to the field.