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Erica Smith

Erica Smith photo

Erica Smith, M.S.

Director of Instructional Design – eLearning at PF Chang’s

PerformanceXpress Articles:

April 2009
Did the Training Work? An evaluation of a retail training program


★ Outstanding Graduate 2010 ★

Class of 2010

As a prospective student, you’re probably reading this as you try to determine if this degree is worth the investment in your time, money, and energy. Based on my experience, I would tell you that it absolutely is!

Like many, I sort of “fell” into my first role as an instructional designer. It didn’t take long for me to realize that if I was going to be a confident professional in this field there was a lot to learn, so I enrolled in the IPT (now OPWL) program at Boise State.

One of the (many) things that makes this program valuable is the focus on real-world, business application. As soon as halfway through the first class, I was already able to apply what I’d learned to make a positive impact on my organization, which helped trigger the first of many advancements in my career.

I was amazed at the program’s ability to create such a strong sense of community amongst those of us taking the program entirely online. Everyone involved in the program was so supportive and made me feel like a part of Boise State. I can’t speak highly enough of the professors, courses, students, and my overall experience!