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Elliot Rosenberg

Elliot Rosenberg photo

Elliot Rosenberg, M.B.A., M.S., Ed.D. Candidate

Senior Director of Sales Training

★ Outstanding Graduate 2002 ★

Class of 2002

My experience with the BSU IPT program has proven to be not only intellectually stimulating but career impacting as well. I researched many programs before finally selecting Boise State. At the time (1998), online learning was in its infancy, not only with respect to the technology but conceptually as well.

The time invested in this program is well worth it. Although longer than some other programs on the market, when you compare the quality of the material, instruction and application to the workplace, this program has components that provided, I believe, a competitive edge for myself. I realized immediate application to my career and developed a level of expertise and credibility for my company and myself.

Here are some of the advantages I have realized as a result of my experience at BSU:

  • Responsibility evolved into that of an internal consultant to advise on matters of e-learning, performance improvement and instructional design
  • Consistently on the cutting edge of technological changes in terms of awareness and application
  • Ability to apply distance learning concepts to a nationwide enterprise deployment

One of the most impacting differences this degree has provided me was an element of value. During times of corporate downsizing, I was able to provide specific solutions and value -opportunities that resulted in improvements to employees, processes and the organization. Based on this type of experience, when expenses and headcount needed to be reduced, it was my education and associated, relevant experiences that provided the competitive advantage for me to be retained. In other words, my BSU experience added value to me as an employee.