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David T. Henry

David T. Henry photo

David T. Henry, M.S.

Performance Consultant
L-3 Communication Systems Inc.
Command & Control Systems and Software (C2S2)
Engineering Services
In support of – U.S. Coast Guard Training Center

Class of 2004

The program taught me how to break processes down into digestible performance steps. I remember Dr. Stepich drilling me on an instructional design project when I was still trying to teach knowledge. He stressed that what you know is unimportant. What’s important is what you can do. Before the end of the class the light went on. I understood that it is the employee’s performance that makes money for the organization, not the knowledge in their head. From then on I continued to focus on performance and upon completing the M.S. in IPT I secured a position as a performance consultant. The degree was the lynch pin in my getting the position.