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Connie Nitu

Class of 2012

I had worked as a Workforce Development Specialist at Micron Technology for 15 years before I started the IPT program. In my daily work, I felt something was missing but could not articulate what. Only after I started the IPT program, I was able to call out specific gaps in my knowledge and skills. The IPT program helped me close those gaps. The IPT professors have been helpful in providing additional help with the more challenging topics. The program offered a selection of on-campus and online courses. Because I live close to the university, I took advantage of both. In the classroom environment, I had the opportunity to interact directly with professors and students. In the online environment, I had the privilege to “attend class” at any time of day or night. This flexibility proved to work extremely well with my family and my full time job.

With the gained knowledge and skills in closing human performance gaps, I began actively participating and leading complex projects at a global level. As my company transitions from a training organization to a human performance enhancement organization, I am prepared to contribute and add value to the organization. I give credit to the IPT organization who guided me in making this career transition possible.