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Christin Lundberg

Christin Lundberg photo

Christin Lundberg, M.S.

Senior Instructional Designer for Buffalo Wild Wings

Class of 2012

I chose Boise State’s Instructional & Performance Technology (IPT) Master’s program because of the strong emphasis it places on performance improvement as a whole, instead of just narrowing in and focusing on workplace instruction. That emphasis has allowed me to bring performance improvement ideas and solutions to my organization, as opposed to just training solutions. I apply what I learned in the IPT program each and every day as a Senior Instructional Designer for Buffalo Wild Wings.

My coursework at Boise State allowed me to develop strong, lasting relationships with fellow students and instructors through distance group projects. The program enabled me to apply what I was learning about performance improvement and instruction to the real world, as I was able to lead four group projects in which our teams completed semester-long projects for my employers. These real world projects led to one published article in Performance Improvement Journal and three published articles in the online PerformanceXpress publication.