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Ben Lyons

Class of 2016

The OPWL program at Boise State has been an outstanding opportunity for me. The knowledge I gained will serve me as I continue my professional career in the United States Coast Guard at the Performance Technology Center, as well as provided me with new perspectives to problem solving and improvement that will serve beneficial in any career path.

The professors in the program were engaged with the students, available nearly any time for “office hours,” and did an excellent job facilitating conversation throughout the weeks by guiding the students through their learning experiences. They brought an incredible amount of experience, knowledge, and preparedness to each week to provide challenging and rewarding experiences.

The students in the classes brought a wide variety of experiences and narratives to contribute to the learning environment. The sharing and practical application of the diversity of these groups helped me to gain a variety of real-world perspectives and allowed me to feel confident in my learning experience.

What I felt was the most beneficial aspect of this program was the project-based aspect of the courses. This allowed me to gain real-world experience working with clients and producing products that will benefit their organizations with the guidance of the professors throughout the process.