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Annette Wisniewski

Class of 2012

I had initially returned to graduate school because I had wanted to rejoin the workforce after a long absence as a stay-at-home mom. Although my prior corporate position had been as an ID manager with an international consulting company, my skills had been “home-grown” within that company. I knew that, to be marketable, I needed to learn instructional design theories, skills, and best practices more systematically. I first tried a distance program at a well-respected private university. While the program was good, it was very expensive. During my first semester there, I realized that I either had to find another program or take a very long time to graduate. Fortunately, my professor had brought up Boise State’s IPT program as historically significant to our field, so I investigated and found that the program had a long-term stellar reputation, was more technically current, encouraged practical experience through team projects, AND was a great value. I transferred to Boise State as a distance student and never looked back.

The IPT curriculum at Boise State not only enabled me to become a better instructional designer but also allowed me to develop more systemically-focused skills in human performance technology. I started a consulting business after my first year. I was able to use what I was learning through the IPT program immediately and continue to do so. The outstanding faculty and staff generously shared their skills, time, and encouragement throughout the program. My classmates enriched the program as they shared their experiences, wisdom, and encouragement during every course. The team projects that were part of several of the core curriculum led to powerfully-applied learning, happy clients, and wonderful friendships. They also resulted in opportunities for being published in ISPI’s PerformanceXpress.

The program wasn’t easy and required a lot of commitment to complete. However, all of the time and energy was well worth it. I have not only gained invaluable skills and knowledge in my chosen field, but also developed friendships with others in that field across the U.S. and abroad.

Annette Wisniewski 2012 Outstanding Graduate photo