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Allie Smith-Hobbs

Allie Smith-Hobbs photo

Allie Smith-Hobbs, M.S.

★ Outstanding Graduate 2005 ★

Class of 2005

I started my career in technical writing for a software company. The position quickly branched out into managing a small department as well as training sales staff on our software. I felt I needed an educational boost to give me a better foundation for managing these diverse tasks. I researched a program that would fit the needs of training, instructional design and performance issues – the IPT program fit the bill. My student experience in Boise State University’s IPT program was fantastic. I participated in both online and on campus classes and commend both of them highly.

The program was so interesting that I left my position to become a graduate assistant to Dr. Yonnie Chyung! She encouraged me to take advantage of the opportunities to collaborate on research papers and present at conferences, in both Washington D.C. and Seoul, Korea. Those opportunities have helped me grow both personally and professionally. The close knit and professional IPT staff and the greater online community fostered by the BSU IPT program is an amazing resource to have available and I highly recommend it to motivated students who want to accelerate their professional growth.