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Award Winning Students

Professional Growth

Awarded to a student who has demonstrated exceptional professional growth during their tenure as an MS-OPWL student.

Year May August December
2018 Autumn Scisciani    

Academic Excellence

Awarded to students who achieved a perfect 4.0 GPA throughout their study.

Year May August December
2018 Dawn Gillan    

♦ Graduated with Honors ♦

Started in 2017 to recognize the scholarship of those students that:

  • Earned an overall GPA of ​3.8 or better
  • Scored 27 or better on their portfolio defense
  • Earned a designation on their portfolio defense as “Outstanding” by examiners

To achieve all three of these requires an extraordinary degree of attention to detail, sacrifice, and stamina across multiple years of study, as well as the demonstrated ability to perform individually and on a team on many difficult projects.

To receive an outstanding designation on your portfolio defense, means that you demonstrated an unusually high level of fluency with the material that goes beyond technical proficiency, and confidence in what you know reflecting an ownership of your knowledge. It also requires an uncommonly high level of self-reflection as well as intellectual honesty in identifying your own mistakes and what you would have done differently on the projects you have completed.

Year May August December
2018 Jordan Wareham    
2017 Sarah Kuchta
Jennifer Shamsy
Zifang Su
Elyse Taylor
  Julie Barkin

★ Outstanding Graduate ★

Awarded 1997 – 2016

The Outstanding Graduate award recognizes exemplary performance:

  • in course participation which contributed not only to the individual’s own learning but lifted the learning for all participants in the course
  • in the classroom
  • on the culminating activity

The faculty looks forward to the positive impact these graduates will make in the workplace in the years to come.

Year May August December
2016 Ieva Swanson Matt Romano
Kyle Weist
Ross Eggett
2015 Jeff Bartley Gordon Hood Trevor Sparrow
2014 Bryan Horveath   Heather Lutz
Angela Wolthuis
2013 Julie Kwan Susan Benson Linda Urban
2012 Annette Wisniewski   Brad Inderbitzen
2011 Leslie Harper   DeAnn Allen
2010 Erica Smith
Forrest Whitt
  Lori Johnecheck
2009 William Piersol Dennis Ahrens Benjamin Duman
2008 Brian Ronald   Shelley Ann Berg Gable
2007 Jeffrey Haukom    
2006 Joann Swanson   Elizabeth Johnson
2005 Gail Bolt
Terri Lynn Cardona
Natalia Muller Allison Smith-Hobbs
Deborah Wagner
2004   Linda Duchscherer Carlyn Blake
Gary Elsbernd
Armi Trenas
2003 Denise Van Tassell    
2002 Robert Horton
Gerald Wright
  Elliot Rosenberg
Heidi Cook
1998 Linda Huglin    
1997 Neil Cramer    

♢ The Excellence in Practice Award ♢

The Excellence in Practice Award was started in 2010 and is presented twice a year to a student in the master’s degree program who is an exemplary learner, has used evidence-based practices in his/her course work, and has made important contributions to the professional community beyond the classroom.

Year Fall Spring
2014   Colleen Olson
2013 Jeff Turner  
2012 Karen Meister Connie Nitu
2011 Laura Flanagan Christin Lundberg
2010 Barbara Spice Brett Christensen